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Apache Groovy, Grails and the related technologies have seen astounding growth in interest and adoption the past few years, and with good reason. To spread the word even more we have created GR8Conf.

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GR8 Talks

We have in-depth talks covering all major technologies in the Apache Groovy ecosystem. All talks are performed by the brightest minds and core developers in their fields. Last but not least, the conference is run by developers and volunteers in the Groovy Community.

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This 2-day, hands-on workshop takes place prior to GR8Conf US. Enroll now and be among the first to learn the Micronaut framework! Through lectures, real-world examples, and lab exercises, developers will be armed with everything they need to immediately start building microservice applications using Micronaut.

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Grails 3 Book

The first book dedicated to Grails 3. You will learn the concepts behind building Grails applications. Real, up-to-date code examples are provided so you can easily follow along.

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