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Alvaro Sanchez-Mariscal



Álvaro is a member of the Grails team at OCI and a Grails committer. He is a passionate software architect and agile enthusiast with over 18 years of experience. He started his career in 2001 coding in Perl and Java, but then quickly focused on Java EE, working for companies like IBM BCS, BEA Systems or Sun Microsystems. He created his own company, Salenda, in 2005, the very first Grails company in Spain. Since 2013 he has worked in different industries like gambling games and fintech. He now works for OCI, the company behind Grails.

Álvaro is a speaker at conferences like GeeCON, JavaLand, JavaZone, Codemotion, Greach and GR8Conf. He has also written several Grails plugins, including Spring Security REST, which provides stateless, RESTful, token based authentication for Grails using OAuth 2 and JWT.


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Christian Oestreich



I am a Technical Architect and Software Developer working and living in Minneapolis. I have been developing software professionally since 1998. I have worked and/or contracted at many fortune 500 companies including UnitedHealth Group, Best Buy, ING, Ingersol Rand, Donaldson, Jostens, Wells Fargo. My history is diversified between .Net and Java technologies. I currently spearhead the Grails Plugin Consortium (https://github.com/Grails-Plugin-Consortium) which has primary coding responsibilities for CXF, CXF-Client and Filter Pane plugins. I have also contributed to several other grails plugins such as Redis, Resque, Hystrix and others.


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Christine Stevenson



Christine Stevenson has over two decades of experience in Corporate IT and Security. She has held a variety of roles over the years with a primary focus on CSIRT and Digital Forensics. She is currently a Security Engineer at Verodin, a security instrumentation start-up out of Washington D.C.


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Colin Harrington



Colin is a Consultant at Object Computing, Inc with over 7 years of Grails experience and 10+ years of experience developing web-based applications. He's an agile practitioner with a proven track record having been a key component of multiple powerful fast-paced teams.


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Daniel Maas



Engineer, explorer, thinker, fixer of things that break, breaker of things that weren't broken


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Daniel Woods



Dan is passionate about software architecture and best practices. Dan is active in the Java and Groovy communities and is a core team member for the Ratpack web framework open source project.


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Danny Hyun



Danny eats food and sometimes produces software


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David Estes


Morpheus Data

David is the creator of the Asset-Pipeline for the Grails framework. He is a contributor to both Grails and Ratpack as well as several other lesser known plugins on the JVM. Recently he has focused on making the asset-pipeline available for Ratpack, Gradle, Spring Boot, Grails 3, and usable by almost any web stack on the JVM.


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Doug Sabers



Software developer working with Groovy


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Eric Helgeson


Agile Orbit

Eric is a Senior Developer at Agile Orbit where he works on Groovy, Grails 3, and infrastructure automation for clients. He is also the author of the first Grails 3 book Practical Grails 3 https://www.grails3book.com. Eric has worked for many years updating, building and deploying Grails applications.


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James Kleeh



James is a member of the OCI Grails team, and has been programming with Groovy & Grails for more than 7 years. He has deep knowledge of the full web stack as well as a strong background in SQL database centric applications. James has many years of experience in the education industry and has worked with many of the technology companies near his hometown. His main contributions to Grails recently include the new GraphQL support. Beyond the world of software engineering, James enjoys science fiction, games, and spending time with his family in Youngstown, OH.


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Jeff Beck



Jeff Beck is an Engineer at SmartThings, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Jeff is an active member of the local Groovy community as well as an open source contributor. Contributing to grails plugins and Ratpack in his free time. He is very interested in creating code that is easy to maintain and share not only within a team but in the broader community as well.

He can be found on github at beckje01.


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Jeff Scott Brown


Object Computing Inc.

Jeff Scott Brown is the co-founder of the Grails and Micronaut frameworks, and has been doing JVM application development for as long as the JVM has existed. Jeff leads the Grails and Micronaut practices at OCI (http://objectcomputing.com) and is a key contributor to the frameworks’ core development.


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Kenneth Kousen


Kousen IT, Inc.

Ken Kousen is the author of the Manning book "Making Java Groovy" and the O'Reilly book "Gradle Recipes for Android", as well as several video courses available from O'Reilly on topics covering Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Spring, and Android. Through his company, Kousen IT, Inc, he teaches training courses and does consulting and mentoring in all areas related to Java and open source. He is also the co-host of the Groovy Podcast, and won a JavaOne Rock Star award in 2013.


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Kyle Boon



Kyle Boon is a Lead Engineer in St. Paul, MN. He has been developing web applications professionally for the last 13 years. Kyle is passionate about building scalable, maintainable, robust software systems and having fun while doing so. When not programming he obsesses over Ohio State football, and tries to build objects from wood.


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Maciej Przepióra



Writing computer programs has been my passion since I was a kid, but I back then I didn't think it would be my career choice. I studied Molecular Biology and Computer Science at College of Interfaculty Individual Studies in Maths and Natural Sciences at Warsaw University. After graduating in Molecuar Biology I decided to pursue my career in IT. I have been developing web applications in Java and JavaScript for 10 years now. I worked for Capgemini, Polish National Center for Research and Development, Bunge. In September 2013 I joined Vaadin, the Finnish company behind the framework with the same name, where I worked as a programmer and trainer, developing, among others, Vaadin Designer. In spring 2018 I left Vaadin to explore opportunities in Poland and around the world.


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Nirav Assar



Nirav Assar is a Grails Developer with OCI, and is based out of the Dallas Fort Worth area. He has consulted on several projects in various industries, such as financial, real estate, government, and retail. His expertise is based in several Java technologies like Grails, Groovy, Spring, and Hibernate. Agile philosophy and test driven developments is at the heart of his profession, and he enjoys sharing techniques and tools that help software people excel at their jobs. Nirav interested in providing high value to business groups, talking with associates about their experiences, and generally getting along with everyone. View his blog at assarconsulting.blogspot.com.


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Olga Maciaszek-Sharma



Olga Maciaszek-Sharma is a Java and Groovy Developer at Devskiller. She has gained her experience while working with microservices where cutting-edge solutions were used as well as with complex legacy systems, implementing both new business features and solutions aimed at improving the process of continuous deployment and setup of applications. Olga is also a contributor of the OSS projects: Spring Cloud Contract (former: Accurest), JFairy, Jenkins Pipeline Plugin, Jenkins Stash Pull Request Builder Plugin, and others. Before switching to development, she worked for more than 3 years as Quality Assurance Engineer, specialized in test automation.


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Paul King



Paul King has been contributing to open source projects for nearly 30 years and is an active committer on numerous projects including Groovy, GPars and Gradle. Paul speaks at international conferences, publishes in software magazines and journals, and is a co-author of Manning’s best-seller: Groovy in Action, 2nd Edition.


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Roberto Perez Alcolea



Roberto is an experienced software engineer with focused in microservices, streaming, cloud, developer productivity and continuous delivery. He has several years of experience using Groovy currently enjoying technologies such as Spring Boot, Ratpack, Reactor, Akka, Kafka Streams and Netflix Hollow. He's also a contributor to Netflix Hollow (https://github.com/netflix/hollow).

Currently works at Target as part of the Streaming Platform team, building tools that enable teams to take various data sources like Kafka topics and create distributable caches leveraging Netflix Hollow, exposing them through distributable, highly performant, and highly available web APIs


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Stephen V Pember



Steve is currently the CTO of ThirdChannel - a startup in Boston, MA - which crowdsources data from thousands of people through their smart phones and then presents that data through visualization and analytic tools in order to improve the operations of large product companies. There, he leads a team building a Reactive, Event-driven platform written mainly on the JVM.

He was formally a Principal Consultant with Cantina - a technology agency in Boston, MA, USA - which specializes in utilizing the forefront in web technologies to construct top-notch experiences. His passion lies in architecting and developing performant, scalable, full-stack systems for the web. He an avid fan of the Groovy language, is a past speaker at GR8Conf, and is the past organizer of the Boston Grails/Groovy & Spring User Group.


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Tucker J Pelletier


Transitional Data Services (TDS)

Tucker is a senior software engineer who has worked on Grails projects for the past 7 years, and is the organizer for the Boston, Groovy/Grails/Spring Meetup(@B2GSMeetup always looking for speakers). Tucker also contributes to open source by creating the Grails plugins Command(convention for command objects), and Enforcer(dsl for permission/business rules), also the Groovy libraries GroovyConfigWriter(used in the Grails external config plugin, yml to groovy) and HtmlEnforcer.


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Zachary Klein



Zachary Klein is a member of the OCI Grails team, has been practicing Java web development for more than 6 years, and has been practicing React/Angular development for the past 2 years. Beginning as an independent consultant in 2010, he has worked in a wide variety of domains, including real estate, analytics, and e-commerce. Outside of the JVM and web dev space, Zachary has dabbled in iOS development, audio engineering, and *nix administration. He is the author of the Vue and React profiles for Grails, as well as a contributor to Grails Guides and other projects around the framework. Zachary's home base is in St Louis, MO., along with his wife, Beth, and two programming protégés (aka sons), John and Timothy.