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Álvaro is a member of the Grails team at OCI and a Grails committer. He is a passionate software architect and agile enthusiast with over 18 years of experience. He started his career in 2001 coding in Perl and Java, but then quickly focused on Java EE, working for companies like IBM BCS, BEA Systems or Sun Microsystems. He created his own company, Salenda, in 2005, the very first Grails company in Spain. Since 2013 he has worked in different industries like gambling games and fintech. He now works for OCI, the company behind Grails.

Álvaro is a speaker at conferences like GeeCON, JavaLand, JavaZone, Codemotion, Greach and GR8Conf. He has also written several Grails plugins, including Spring Security REST, which provides stateless, RESTful, token based authentication for Grails using OAuth 2 and JWT.