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2FA at your finger tips

Spring boot grails Grails rest services api Duo groovy 2fa Mfa

Accelerating developer productivity with Gradle

Build tools gradle Developer productivity

Alexa, Tell Me I'm Groovy!

Amazon echo groovy Aws lambda Grails3

Amazon Alexa Workshop

Amazon echo groovy Aws lambda Grails3

Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes with Spinnaker

Continuous deployment Docker Continuous delivery Containers

Decoupling your Microservices

Reactive programming Kafka

Grails and Docker

Docker grails

Grails and the Wonderful World of Javascript Frameworks

Nodejs Asset-pipeline gradle Javascript Angular React

Groovy: The Awesome Parts

groovy Functional

Harnessing the Power of Spark & Cassandra with Groovy

Infrastructure Bigdata Getting-started groovy Case-studies

Learning Groovy 1

Dsl Gdk groovy Spock

Make your testing Groovy

Testing groovy Devops Agile

Microservice test automation

Continuous deployment Integration Micro-service architecture Testing Performance Continuous delivery Contract tests gradle Spock Micro-service

Performance tuning your Grails apps

grails Scalability Performance Database performance

REST With Grails 3

grails Workshop

Surviving in a Microservices Environment

Micro-service architecture Devops Micro-service Case-studies Developer productivity

Testing in Grails 3

grails Testing Spock Geb

The Fields Plugin - a deep dive

grails Fields plugin

The Latest and Greatest in GORM

grails Neo4j Mongodb Gorm Hibernate

Using React with Grails 3

Rest Nodejs Asset-pipeline Javascript React Nashorn

Vaadin 8 <3 Grails 3

Spring boot Rad Ajax Spa Vaadin

Vaadin 8 <3 Grails 3 workshop

Spring boot Rad Ajax Spa Vaadin

Writing a Book with Groovy

grails Documentation groovy Book