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Alexa, Tell Me I'm Groovy!

Aws lambda groovy Grails3 Amazon echo


The Amazon Echo is more than a home toy - you can have the real star trek experience in your home with hooks into home automation platforms, streaming music, news, help you cook, tell you jokes, etc. Now let's Groovy all the things and make a Grails app that can host new Alexa skills! I will go over how to make them in two ways, via Grails 3 and web services and also via AWS Lamba. You can use Groovy for both of these approaches! I will bring one to demonstrate some fun things you can do with it. I'm sure if you don't already have one you'll be hacking away as soon as you get home. Co-presented with Lee Fox with mostly new content for 2017 including things like multiple languages (German, UK English, US English), Audio Streaming and Flash briefings, library intents and more!


50 min