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Amazon Alexa Workshop

groovy Aws lambda Amazon echo Grails3


The Amazon Echo is more than a home toy - you can have the real star trek experience in your home w/ hooks into home automation platforms, streaming music, news, help you cook, tell you jokes, etc. We will go over how to make them in two ways, via Grails 3 w/ web services and also via AWS Lamba+Groovy. You can use Groovy for both of these approaches! Lee Fox and I will bring some devices (Feel free to BYOD if you'd like!) or we'll just be use the emulator developing Lambda Groovy Alexa Skills and Grails App Skills. You can open a free tier AWS account if you can before hand, if you can't don't worry - we'll have some ec2 instances stood up to build skills and push them to the internet via development mode. Co-presented with Lee Fox with all new content for 2017! Prerequisites: Laptop with Grails 3.x installed w/ working mic Gradle Optional: Free-tier amazon web services account. BYOD (dot, firetv, echo or tap) if you want!


180 min