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DevOps Monitoring: Finding Your Story

Devops Monitoring


In the cycle of DevOps, we want to be able to write software that is easy to maintain in an operationally. A key of running solid operations for maintaining your applications is monitoring. Everything from log files to system data provides data. However, modern systems are comprised of complex applications running in cloud systems and distributed architectures with possibles hundreds of servers handling requests from millions of users. All of this can create an amazing amount of noise for a monitoring system. How can you find the signal in all of that noise that contains the data you need? It can almost be an art to do. This session will talk about how we can find the signal in all of our monitoring noise to create detailed monitoring. If you're on the ops side of DevOps, you'll get techniques for filtering your data. If you're on the Dev side of DevOps, this will give you things to think about for writing software that will provide the best data for a monitoring system.


60 min