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Vaadin 8 <3 Grails 3

Rad Ajax Spa Vaadin Spring boot


„Grails is a powerful web framework, for the Java platform aimed at multiplying developers’ productivity thanks to a Convention-over-Configuration, sensible defaults and opinionated APIs.” – „With Vaadin Framework, you'll use a familiar component based approach to build awesome single page web apps faster than with any other UI framework. Forget complex web technologies and just use Java or any other JVM language.” – Sounds like a perfect match? In this talk I will quickly introduce core Vaadin 8 concepts and proceed to show how easy it is to make the two frameworks play nice together thanks to the power of Spring Boot. I will also explain how I created tools (profiles, plugins, DSLs) that make this task even more easy and how these tools work. After hearing the talk, members of the audience will be able to quickly build awesome web applications with G3+V8.


50 min