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2FA at your finger tips

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Today we have advanced with cloud based application infrastructure and with variety of clients (hybrid mobile apps, tablets, desktop) for our web applications. We have Spring Security for Grails and Spring Boot applications. We have Spring Security Rest plugin for Grails applications which eases token based authentication for our apps. In addition to all of the above, there is scope to add a multi-factor authentication step on webapps which confirms a user. With advancement of smart devices (phones and tablets), it is imminent that devices will be present with users at all times. Having DUO (a multi-factor authentication tool) integrated to web apps helps confirm that the actual registered user is fully authenticated. With a seamless integration of DUO API with Spring Boot and Grails we can have "2FA at our finger tips". This session will include pros of using DUO, a live demo and walk through DUO administration. Get your smartphones ready for some cool stuff


50 min