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Microtesting: Test automation for Microservices

Continuous delivery Testing Contract tests Micro-service Performance Continuous deployment Integration Jenkins Micro-service architecture


When an organization migrates to a microservice architecture, it’s important for the migration to occur in all areas of the software development process. Too often, orgs continue with a monolithic test automation team focused on edge service or end-to-end testing. While still a noble endeavor - some amount of end-to-end test automation is always required - this approach doesn’t take full advantage of the microservice paradigm. In my experience, when the service teams are also fully engaged writing functional tests and load tests, test coverage not only improves but stays up-to-date. In the end, quality improves.

This presentation will focus on some JVM techniques and patterns I’ve found useful for “microtesting” as I call it. Tools, technology, and concepts reviewed include Gradle, Spock, Swagger, contract testing, code generation, Gatling, Artifactory, CI, CD, and Jenkins.