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Using React with Grails 3

Nashorn Rest React Javascript Nodejs Asset-pipeline


React is the Javascript view library from our friends at Facebook. Rather than providing a “full-stack framework” for the front-end, React focuses entirely on being the V in MVC. Using React with a Grails application can be a bit mystifying at first - so let's blow away the mystery and have fun with React & Grails!

In this session we’ll get a quick introduction to React and it’s place in the modern Javascript landscape, and learn how Grails developers can leverage this powerful library. Using React in the context of Grails can be a bit perplexing, with an entirely new ecosystem and tooling that doesn't immediately fit in with a traditional Grails project. We'll demonstrate several ways to use these two frameworks together, from the trusty asset-pipeline, to node & webpack, and even server-side rendering with Nashorn in Java 8.


60 min