Grails and the Wonderful World of Javascript Frameworks

Angular React Javascript gradle grails Asset-pipeline Nodejs


The scene of web development is changing. MVC and page-based CRUD applications used to make great demos, but now users and clients are demanding more. Single Page Applications, built with frameworks and libraries like Angular and React, are becoming standard fare for many new projects. Where do “traditional” MVC frameworks - such as Rails, Spring/Spring Boot, and Grails - fit in this picture?

Fortunately, Grails hasn't been standing still. Recent versions of the framework have introduced powerful features that are directly aimed at supporting RESTful/microservice architectures as well as SPAs. In this talk, we'll look at several approaches to using Grails along with modern Javascript apps, including overviews of plugins, profiles, and best practices when standing up this versatile JVM web framework shoulder-to-shoulder with the cool new kids. Let's do this!


60 min