Better know a Grails plugin

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Based loosely on the Colbert's “Better know a District” take a whirl wind tour around the Grails 3 plugin ecosystem! Learn more about the plugins you use everyday as well as some new ones you might not use yet. Grails 3 (based on spring-boot & gradle) can take advantage of starters & plugins of those systems as well.

Since the release of Grails 3 a lot has changed in regards to plugins. Many people just don't know where to look to solve there problems. In this talk we will go over many Grails 3 plugins and show you alternatives you may have not thought about before. We will be covering many of the popular plugins along with using and extending spring-boot starters & actuators to extend your app. Lastly we'll look at how large the Gradle plugin ecosystem is and how it can replace many custom Grails build-time tasks.

The Grails 3 ecosystem is alive and thriving - you might just have to venture out past to find it.


50 min