Reactive All The Way Down with Ratpack, RxGroovy, React, and RabbitMq

groovy Ratpack Reactive


Reactive applications & reactive programming result in flexible, concise, performant code and are a superior alternative to the old thread-based programming model. The reactive approach has gained popularity for a simple reason: we need alternative designs and architectures to meet today’s demands. However, it can be difficult to shift one’s mind to think in reactive terms, particularly when one realizes that we must be Reactive up and down the entire programming stack. In this talk we’ll explore what it means to be ‘Reactive’. We’ll examine some of the more interesting tools available to us, some of which come from the Groovy community. Specifically we’ll cover Ratpack, RxGroovy/RxJava, React, and RabbitMq - along with examples and a sample implementation. We’ll demonstrate how effectively they can work together at each level of the stack - from the front end, to the back end, to handling http requests and message queue events - and how easy it can be to go Reactive all the way down.


60 min