GORM Data Services

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GORM is the powerful ORM tool that has been developed as part of the Grails web framework. GORM fully leverages the capabilities of Groovy to provide a rich set of capabilities which greatly simplify interacting with databases from any JVM application, not just Groovy and Grails applications as recent versions of GORM are very easy to use independent of Grails.

This session will introduce GORM and quickly get into details which highlight what has made GORM so successful, including an exploration of GORM Data Services which allow most of your data access layer to be written as interfaces with no classes necessary as GORM is able to generate most of the database interaction bytecode at compile time. I will also introduce GORM’™s flexibility with respect to communication with fundamentally different types of datastores including relational databases, graph databases, document stores and more.


60 min