Integrating Micronaut And Grails

groovy Micronaut grails


Grails has been a wildly successful and widely adopted JVM web framework for more than a decade. Micronaut is the new JVM microservice framework conceived and developed by the same folks who brought you the Grails framework. Micronaut and Grails complement each other in a number of ways and each contain components that may be used by the other. Grails developers will find that familiar Grails ideas and techniques appear in Micronaut, allowing for a minimal learning curve and seamless transitions between the two frameworks.

The frameworks complement each other at an architectural level too, lending themselves to each being a part of a collaborative deployment environment together. This session will explore and demonstrate integrating aspects of these powerful frameworks together. It will also improve your understanding of how the new Micronaut framework relates to Grails to help maximize your productivity with both frameworks.


50 min