Show and Tell: Our Gradle build



Over the past few years, Gradle has become a popular build tool in the JVM space. This is not surprising, considering the power and the features it brings, compared with its competitors. However, one thing Gradle lacks is history and the collective knowledge at the same level of other alternatives: how does one organize a Gradle project in an ‘idiomatic’ fashion?

We feel that we’ve put together a decent build pipeline for each of our microservices over the years, and each one starts with their build.gradle file(s). We’d like to share it, although we’re not sure if it’s the ‘correct’ way.

In this talk, we’ll walk through a sample project structure and build process. We’ll discuss the various checks and tools we use (e.g. Sonar, CodeNarc, Jenkins) at each step of the build. We’ll explain how each of the components in the process work for us, and share samples of our Groovy scripts. Most importantly, though, we’d like to hear what the audience are using in their builds!


60 min